The 2021 Outlook for Real Estate and the Upcoming Trends
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To Buy or to Rent: Four Factors to Consider Before Making a Decision
At some point in your adult life, you will have...
Why You Might Consider Moving to a Smaller Home
A home is a great life-long investment that one can...
Interior & Exterior Design

Decorating Ideas and Tips for Big Rooms

We often see many design and decor hacks for tiny rooms or studios, but if we’re dealing with a larger space — at least 300sqm, for example, how often do we stumble upon design and decor ideas for those? Probably not as much, because larger rooms are relatively easier to furnish. You get the liberty

Land for sale - chalkboard with text on green grass background

A Property of Your Own: What You Need to Check When its Raw Land

When looking at lands or properties for sale, you want a piece of property that will fulfil your dreams and wishes for a dream house; the needs of your growing family; or, the kind of environment that gives you the peace you want. Sometimes the location is not enough to help you find a place that

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New Properties

Planning to Buy a Home? Make Sure You Save for a Down Payment

Purchasing a home is one of the most expensive things you’ll ever buy in your life. The down payment, for instance, is usually 20 per cent of the price of the property. Saving money, therefore, is an important step if you want to have a home that you can call your own. Setting aside money

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Home Buying Guide

Adjusting from Apartment Living to the House Life

Apartments can be good homes for those who don’t think they’re ready to settle down and commit yet. However, for most people, there comes a time when tiny spaces stop being adequate. For example, when their household needs can no longer be met by their current home. This is the moment where one becomes an

Mediterranean Sea, Monaco
New Properties

Monaco: The Playground of the Rich, Beautiful and Powerful

There are very few countries in the world that could boast of a population of millionaires; Monaco, the second tiniest country in the world, has a population that could be considered the wealthiest in the world. Thirty percent of the sovereign city-state’s population are millionaires, and with a population of about 38,000, that makes it

housing industry

The Many Jobs in the Housing Industry

We are asked to think about potential career choices as early as our childhood years. Often, kids pick the obvious choices like doctor or teacher. But like most of our childhood whims, these change as we grow up and gain a better understanding of the world.  We spend years trying to figure out what it

Purchasing a House

Pay in Cash or Get a Loan: Which Is Better When Purchasing a House?

Most of us were taught that having debt is bad for your financial health. For one thing, having debt usually means spending beyond your means and not saving up for your future. On the contrary, paying in cash means you have lots of money to spend. Likewise, a lot of people think that paying in

Accountant doing financing in the office
Real Estate News

Where to Find the Capital to Expand Your Business

Whether you need the capital to start your own business, expand an existing one, or hold on through the tough times, business funding has become hard to come by. In this current economic environment, securing capital for small businesses has become tougher than ever to access. Does it mean that you should give up on

Vintage-style house

What to Ask Yourself When Buying a Home

Buying a permanent home for your family is an important decision. After all, this is a home that should last you a lifetime and also support the generations to come. Fortunately, Melbourne has a lot to offer for young people buying a family home for the first time. It is a diverse city with many

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