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Why Condo Living Is a Great Way to Enjoy Life
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Build Your Dream House Without Pulling Out Your Hair

Limited options the existing homes is driving many people to build their homes from scratch and tailor them to fit their specific needs. But translating a dream home into reality is no cakewalk. While custom homebuilders do make it easy for you to create a custom home, the process can be long and tedious. Without

a condominium
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The Resident: What Tenants Look for in a Condo

A good living space is necessary if you want to have a good lifestyle. It also dictates the quality of life you may have in the long run. When it comes to living choices, many would go for condo living. Condo living, in general, comes with a lot of benefits. This is why many people seeking

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Things You Probably Thought Wrong About Manila

Think of Manila, and you’ll immediately imagine crowded city streets, heavy traffic, and congested living spaces. Some of these might be true; others might be a product of misleading information or biased perception. Case in point: here are three things that you probably thought wrong about the Philippine capital: 1. Condos Are Expensive and Tiny

Home Buying Guide

#Adulting: a Guide for Buying Your First Property

One of the best decisions that you will make in your 20s is buying a property. It makes sense in many aspects. It is a “training ground” for independence. It is preparation for raising a family or growing a career. It is a potential money-making machine. At the same time, it is the ultimate #adulting

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Home New Home: 3 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Move from House to Condo

Moving homes is a big decision. You have a lot more to consider if you’re transitioning from a big house to a relatively smaller condo. It’s not only the address that’s going to change, but your lifestyle, the use of space (and stuff), and your neighbors. So, how do you know if it’s indeed time to

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Practical Recommendations for Renting Out Your Office Property

The process of putting up your office space for rent isn’t all about talking business with possible renters. There is a need for effort on your part to make it presentable to them. In fact, if you really want to make the most out of the property, you need to make sure that you have

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What PH Real Estate Investors Should Prepare for in 2019

There are specific challenges that await the real estate industry in the Philippines for 2019, but the market can weather these obstacles partly because of the strong demand from foreign investors, according to a Colliers Philippines report. The analysis listed several trends for this year such as higher prices for luxury condos in some parts

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How to Make Money Out of Your 2nd House in Cavite

Cavite is a great place to buy not only your primary residence but also a second property. If you have extra cash to spare, investing it in real estate is better than idly keeping it in a bank. There are many ways to grow your money out a sought-after property, like the Lancaster Catherine model

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Here’s Your Quick Guide to Overcoming Stress When Moving

Moving to a new home brings with it a lot of promise. It gives you the hope that things are going to be okay. It makes you feel that a good start is just over the horizon. It makes you look forward to a lot of optimistic tomorrows. But before you get to this place,