Tips for Keeping Your Rental Home Healthy and Safe
• Regular inspections and maintenance of rental homes are essential...
The Next Five Years in Real Estate: What to Expect
• Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular due to advances...
A Guide To Finding the Best Value in Real Estate Properties
Research current market trends, sales history, and local listings to...
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Interior & Exterior Design

Property Flipping: A Guide to Valuable Modifications

Investing in real estate can generate considerable returns. Improvements such as landscaping, patios/decks, painting, and roofing will increase value. Install safety features like fire alarms, smoke detectors, and reinforced windows/doors for protection. Smart home technologies add convenience and modern appeal to properties. Property flipping is a real estate investment model that has become increasingly popular and profitable for

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Renting Out Your Property: What to Consider

 Becoming a landlord can be an excellent long-term investment, providing a steady stream of income and the potential for increased value over time. Understand local laws regarding tenant privacy and safety, tenant screening procedures, rent control ordinances, etc., to protect your rights as a landlord. Make repairs such as fixing appliances and replacing old carpets

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New Properties

Moving to a New Home When You Don’t Have Enough Funding

Start saving up each month to make a move possible, set realistic goals, and look for ways to save money.  Investigate mortgages tailored to your needs, such as the fixed or adjustable rate options.  Explore government grants and loans that may be available based on income and other criteria.  Consider creative financing options such as

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New Properties

How to Manage Your Tenants the Right Way

• When screening potential tenants, consider interviewing, checking references and credit scores, and verifying employment.  • Set clear expectations in writing by creating a comprehensive lease agreement that outlines rental terms and conditions. • Keep up with maintenance and repairs by setting up a maintenance routine and responding quickly to any repairs requested by the

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Home Buying Guide

How to Keep Your Rental Property Clean and Manage Waste Effectively

• Work closely with tenants to ensure they understand local waste management rules for disposing of their waste.  • Professional waste management services, such as garbage and hazardous waste disposal companies, can help manage trash and comply with laws. • Consider renting a dumpster for larger waste disposal tasks or to make tenant move-outs easier. 

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Home Buying Guide

Taking Control of Your Finances When Investing in Real Estate

Develop a plan for the property to determine if the investment is worth pursuing. Calculate your risk tolerance before investing to ensure that any investments are safe and secure. Create a budget to track expenses and ensure all bills are paid on time. Track progress with online spreadsheets or paper statements to ensure nothing slips

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Home Buying Guide

Things To Consider When Starting on Rental Investments

Consider hiring a rental property management company to save time, money, and stress in the long term.  Analyze the location of potential rental investments, including employment opportunities and local amenities, to ensure maximum returns.  Research market data and rental rates before making investment decisions and understand financing options to evaluate risk.  Take into account maintenance

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Real Estate News

Tips for Keeping Your Rental Home Healthy and Safe

• Regular inspections and maintenance of rental homes are essential to help keep up with all quality standards.  • Property managers can be hired to inspect and maintain the rental on a regular basis.  • Local building codes should be followed when making any renovations or additions to ensure that they meet safety guidelines.  •

The Next Five Years in Real Estate: What to Expect

• Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular due to advances in home automation and IoT technologies. • Remote work has led to a shift toward finding homes outside major cities that offer amenities such as parks or entertainment venues. • Green building materials and technologies are becoming more desirable for their energy efficiency, air filtration capabilities, and

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